Worthy of More
Free Online Workshop -
Claim Your Authentic (Feminine) Power
& Stop Settling for Less in Love

Thursday, July 8, 2021
6:00 - 7:30 PM CST
Join me, Jenni Rochelle, for this free live event for the woman who is moving on after betrayal but afraid to trust herself and worried she’ll just pick another “bad” man.
Dear Beauty,
When I started thinking about dating again after betrayal, I found that my head was full of all these nagging, mean-spirited voices.  You know the ones I’m talking about.

The ones that leave you feeling disempowered and feeling hopeless by saying mean things like...
What if I’m just too codependent or my picker is broken?
Is it too soon for me to start dating?
Shouldn't I just focus on me right now?
What if there are no good men out there?
Will I ever trust someone enough to have sex again?
I sooo get it! Those voices in your head (none of which are yours by the way) can be real bitches!  They can keep you stuck in a cycle of self-doubt where you struggle to trust yourself (and others) again.

The truth is that this type of self-talk is normal but it doesn't have to be this way. You can make a shift to move back into a position of power and freedom!

The key lies in reclaiming your authentic, feminine power and learning how to silence those nasty voices in your head.

So, before you head back out to the dating scene, join me for Worthy of MORE where I will be sharing my revolutionary approach to moving on after betrayal.  
In this free event, you will learn how to...

  • Release yourself from shameful labels (i.e., codependent) by looking at your relationship choices through a trauma-informed lens.
  • Let go of your self-judgment for desiring a new relationship by learning that relationships are how we heal
  • Understand that finding a good man has everything to do with believing that there’s someone worthy of you.
  • Reclaim your sexuality by reclaiming your authentic, feminine power and learning to trust yourself (and others) again. 

I’ll also share with you the number one mistake that I see my clients make that causes them to end up settling for less than they deserve in love.

Dating after betrayal can be a bitch.  But you don’t have to do it alone!

Join me for this free event and learn to embrace that you are worthy of MORE and to step into the next higher version of yourself!
xoxo, Jenni

P.S. I will totally be recording this event and sharing it with you afterwards. Note, however, that everyone who shows up LIVE will have a chance to win a prize - who doesn't love prizes?!!
About Jenni
Jenni Rochelle is leading a movement for women who have the audacity to live a bold, beautiful and sexy life by finding Beauty After Betrayal™.  Jenni is a life coach and spiritual companion for women who are ready to heal from betrayal trauma by focusing on themselves and becoming the love of their own life.  

In spite being a survivor of sexual betrayal trauma herself, Jenni has embraced her own right to great sex, big love and a healthy, beautiful life by remaining committed to heart and soul desires.

She is outrageously, happily remarried to a man who knows how to cherish and love her - for the first time in her life. More importantly, Jenni has come to believe that she is worthy of such love and can actually receive it! 

Jenni is a certified life coach, yoga teacher and a spiritual director who has been trained according by the Association of Partners of Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists.  She holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. 

Nevertheless, Jenni considers herself to be spiritual but not religious and focuses on meeting every woman wherever they are on their soul’s unique journey.  Jenni is also a poet, a wife, a mom and a mystic who loves butter, coffee, bacon, traveling and pugs.

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